Red Embrace: Hollywood is an indie game on mobile and pc that invites you to live romances in a fantastic universe with vampires. I collaborated with Argent games to make the illustrations for the backgrounds of the game. The attention was focused on the details in order to operate different frames on the same illustration.

Red Embrace: Hollywood est un jeu indépendant sur mobile et pc qui vous invite à vivre des romances dans un univers fantastique dans lequel règnent les vampires. J'ai collaboré avec Argent games pour réaliser les illustrations pour les décors du jeu. L'attention a été portée sur les détails afin de pouvoir opérer différents cadrages sur une même illustration.


"We were in search of a 2D environment artist for our project and saw that Damien's portfolio pieces fit well with the style of the project. The environments required variations and had detailed specifications. Damien was very patient and accommodating, working with us until we reached satisfying deliverables. Working with Damien was a pleasant experience, and any minor language confusions that arose (we used English and are based in the USA) were easily resolved."

Nikita Haduong

Manager  Argent Games