COLD comfort



Contacted by Gamma Minus (Berlin) in 2018, I realized many concept arts for their indie game Cold Comfort. I design a dark and scary universe, infested with zombies. The gameplay offers to confront two teams 5 players in which you can embody either the infected (in the form of horrible and impressive creatures) or the survivors.

Contacté par Gamma Minus (Berlin) en 2018, j'ai réalisé de nombreux concept arts pour leur jeu indépendant Cold Comfort. Il s'agissait de dépeindre un univers sombre et angoissant peuplé de zombies. Le gameplay du jeu propose des match de 5 contre 5 joueurs dans lesquels vous pouvez incarner soit les infectés (sous forme d'horribles et impressionnantes créatures) ou soit les survivants.


"I initially approached Damien with very little information as to what I needed, or even wanted. At that point, it was not clear to me - an artist's worst nightmare! He was completely patient and helped me to define my vision with the utmost patience and respect. Giving me the space I needed, and asking the right questions was essential in finding the looking and feel that I wanted, and only through his perseverance and determination was that achieved. Damien is not only an extremely talented artist, but more importantly, he has the soft skills to interpret the needs of his clients."


Jeremiah Costello

CEO Gamma Minus UG